Bogdan Buduroiu

Bogdan's Taipei Spots

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Grey Area

Dark, precise, stripped back beats upstairs. Lounge, chill out, fashion show in the cafe downstairs.

The aesthetic of this place is immaculate, a confluence of edgy fashion students, alternative scene and the occasional expat.

巢 nido

Silence. Focus. Damn good pudding.

Step into a meticulous cafe, at times even pedantic as the owner speaks in silence, and is not afraid to sternly tell patrons to do the same.

Draft Land

The Xinyi Draft Land store is overflowing with partygoers every weekend, but their main store is often overlooked.

Intimate, cozy, with a secret room which hosts guest artists and their artwork, I love getting lost here by myself and enjoying the kinetic art pieces.


Hard to not rate a cozy teahouse in the middle of a sleepy residential area.

小後苑Backyard Jr.

Taipei’s Whiskey Library. My Friday 1am post-US client meeting hangout spot for suprise finds and indulgent instant noodles topped with steak.

Good company. Good whiskey. Indulgent food.

Homey’s Cafe

Feels like you’re visiting your mate for a coffee and a smoke on his rental’s balcony.

The cafe is filled with leftist books, posters, future and past activism campaigns.